Toroidal modeling of penetration of the resonant magnetic perturbation field
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2013

A toroidal, quasi-linear model is proposed to study the penetration dynamics of the resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) field into the plasma. The model couples the linear, fluid plasma response to a toroidal momentum balance equation, which includes torques induced by both fluid electromagnetic force and by (kinetic) neoclassical toroidal viscous (NTV) force. The numerical results for a test toroidal equilibrium quantify the effects of various physical parameters on the field penetration and on the plasma rotation braking. The neoclassical toroidal viscous torque plays a dominant role in certain region of the plasma, for the RMP penetration problem considered in this work.

numerical modeling

penetration to the plasmas

Resonant magnetic perturbation


Yueqiang Liu

Culham Science Centre

Andrew Kirk

Culham Science Centre

Youwen Sun

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Physics of Plasmas

1070-664X (ISSN) 1089-7674 (eISSN)

Vol. 20 4 042503-




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Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik



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