A Study on Conceptual Data Modeling
Doktorsavhandling, 1979

The conceptual level of data base systems was introduced by the ANSI/SPARC Interim Report 1975. During the late 1970’s a number of data models and design methods intended for the conceptual level have been suggested. There does not exist any common agreement on the scope and contents of the conceptual level design area. In this study, an attempt is made to informally define the contents of conceptual level design in terms of problem areas. Further, an attempt is made to identify and discuss semantical aspects of conceptual level data base design. For this purpose a number of design methods are analyzed. This analysis aims at identification of relevant aspects and problems within the area. Important aspects identified and discussed concern; inference, redundancy and a temporal dimension. Among these aspects, inference is most thoroughly discussed. Different types of inference are identified. Redundancy is considered as closely related to inference. Requirements of “non-redundancy” in conceptual level models is questioned. The results of this study hopefully contribute to further development of conceptual level models and methods, and to further approaches to classification of such methods.

Sal SB Hörsalsvägen 1


Eva Lindencrona-Ohlin

Göteborgs universitet

Institutionen för informationsbehandling





Sal SB Hörsalsvägen 1

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