A Parallel Design Optimization Method for Articulated Heavy Vehicles with Active Safety Systems
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2013

This paper presents a parallel design optimisation method for Articulated Heavy Vehicles (AHVs) with Active Safety Systems (ASSs). In previous studies, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been applied to the design synthesis of AHVs and the objective function evaluations are computationally expensive. From a design point of view, the most challenging task is to deal with the trade-off relationship between unstable motion modes at high speeds and manoeuvrability at low speeds. To tackle the problem, a parallel computation technique with a master-slave system is proposed for the design of AVHs with ASSs. Active Trailer Steering (ATS), Differential Braking (DB) and Anti-Roll (AR) sub-systems are combined in an integrated ASS. Considering the interaction between the mechanical trailer and ASS, the proposed design method simultaneously optimises the active design variables of the controllers and passive design variables of the trailers in a single design loop using the masterslave computing system. The proposed method provides an effective approach to the design synthesis of AHVs with ASSs using a parallel computation technique.

articulated heavy vehicles


parallel computing

active safety systems

design synthesis

modelling and simulation


master-slave system


Yuping He

International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems

1744-232X (ISSN) 1741-5152 (eISSN)

Vol. 20 4 327-341







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