A localized orthogonal decomposition method for semi-linear elliptic problems
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2014

In this paper we propose and analyze a localized orthogonal decomposition (LOD) method for solving semi-linear elliptic problems with heterogeneous and highly variable coefficient functions. This Galerkin-type method is based on a generalized finite element basis that spans a low dimensional multiscale space. The basis is assembled by performing localized linear fine-scale computations on small patches that have a diameter of order H | log (H) | where H is the coarse mesh size. Without any assumptions on the type of the oscillations in the coefficients, we give a rigorous proof for a linear convergence of the H1-error with respect to the coarse mesh size even for rough coefficients. To solve the corresponding system of algebraic equations, we propose an algorithm that is based on a damped Newton scheme in the multiscale space.


P. Henning

Daniel Peterseim

Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

0764-583X (ISSN) 1290-3841 (eISSN)

Vol. 48 5 1331-1349





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