Building a generic voxel phantom ofIRINA for Monte Carlo simulations
Rapport, 2014

The human phantom IRINA, which is widely used for whole body counting calibrations, has been modelled using MATLAB. This document summa-rizes and explains the procedure that was applied for building voxel ver-sions of IRINA in standing position. All 6 sizes in standing positions were successfully modelled with the help of MATLAB and the files are ready to use for any MC simulation. The MC code GATE was used to verify the geometry of the IRINA phantom by comparing the placement of source tubes and scatterers in the Monte Carlo model to the original IRINA docu-mentation. The methodology can easily be used for building voxel phan-toms of IRINA in sitting and bending position, as well as any other geome-try that may be needed.

internal contamination

Whole Body Counter

Monte Carlo simulations

Voxel phantom

radiation dose


Petty Bernitt Cartemo

Chalmers, Teknisk fysik, Nukleär teknik

Jenny Nilsson

Göteborgs universitet

Anders Nordlund

Chalmers, Teknisk fysik, Nukleär teknik

Mats Isaksson

Göteborgs universitet


Radiologi och bildbehandling



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