Parametric architecture and rapid prototypes: The Embodiments
Övrigt - Blogginlägg, 2014

This popular science blog post reports on a part of a post-doctoral research project 'Multi-aspectual design: Towards integrated approaches to the application of digital tools, techniques and technologies in architecture'. The project was carried out within the Strong Research Environment 'Architecture in the Making', funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas, and executed in 2013-2015 at the Department of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden). The reported part of the project resulted in the exhibition 'THE EMBODIMENTS: Transitions from ethereal digitality to tangible materiality', curated by the international festival 'AHA! Art & Science', which took place in 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

3d printing

Design methods

Free-form modeling


Parametric modeling

Digital architectural design

Generative design

Rapid prototyping


Malgorzata Zboinska

Chalmers, Arkitektur, Arkitekturens teori och metod




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