Superconducting arrangement with non-orthogonal degenerate resonator modes
Patent, 2000

Superconducting multiplexing/demultiplexing arrangements include a number of signal input devices and a number of signal output devices. A number of resonators provides a number of filters. Each filter represents a channel. The resonator(s) operate(s) devices at lest in dual mode, and tuning devices are provided so that at least some of the resonators is/are tuneable. A method is provided of multiplexing signals incoming to a multiplexing arrangement with a number of resonators, each of the resonators having a number of input ports which are so arranged that a number of mulitpole filters are created. Input signals having different frequencies are supplied to the different input ports of the resonators, each of which is operated in three modes. Coupling devices are arranged which at least comprise the angle between the input ports and a symmetry plane. The angles are non-perpendicularly azimuth. Tuning devices are further provided for tuning the resonant frequencies of the degenerate modes, and the coupling angles and tuning devices are controlled so that for a number of input signals, only input signal is transmitted to the output devices.


Spartak Gevorgian

Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap

E. Wikborg

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