Parallel plate microwave devices having tapered current interrupting slots
Patent, 2002

A microwave device includes a number of parallel-plate resonators that include at least one dielectric substrate and first and second plates arranged on either side of the substrate. At least one of the plates of each of a number of the parallel-plate resonators includes a current interrupting device such that the current lines of at least one undesired mode are interrupted at their maxima to suppress the undesired mode. There is also described a method of interrupting undesired modes in a microwave device having a number of parallel-plate resonators


Erik F. Carlsson

Spartak Gevorgian

Institutionen för mikroelektronik och nanovetenskap

E. Wikborg

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson


US 09/539,797


Elektroteknik och elektronik

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