Exploring the Relationship between Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Laptop use in a 1:1 Classroom.
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2015

The research reported in this article explores and discusses students’ use of laptops in a 1:1 setting. A problem experienced by teachers is that the laptops are possible distractors and tempt students to engage in use that is not in line with the teacher’s idea of what would be suitable in relation to the current assignment. Three annual surveys in combination with interviews and classroom observations were carried out in two Swedish secondary schools during a phase of the implementation of 1:1-laptops. The results show how that there is not a reciprocal correlation between sanctioned laptop use and unsanctioned laptop use. The findings also show that the students’ unsanctioned use of laptops was relatively high, but stable throughout the duration of the three years. Furthermore, results show that the number of students who do not game or chat at all has increased every year. The findings have implications for the discussions concerning the use of personal laptops in secondary schools.


Martin Tallvid

Göteborgs universitet

Johan Lundin

Göteborgs universitet

Lars Svensson

Berner Lindström

Göteborgs universitet

Educational Technology and Society

1436-4522 (ISSN)

Vol. 18 1 237-249




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