Influence of Software Complexity on ISO/IEC 26262 Software Verification Requirements
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2015

With the emergence of new IT technologies our vehicles evolve from being machines to becoming self-driving cyberphysical systems of systems. The abilities of modern computers and software allow the car manufacturers to develop and deploy increasingly complex functions such as automated parking, collision avoidance or the upcoming self-driving. However, as the new functions are implemented, the electronics and software of the cars has more possibilities to intervene with the driver’s actions, which leads to the more careful need to evaluate the decisions made by software. In this talk we explore how the growing complexity of software requires even more effort to validate it in the context of ISO/IEC 26262. Our results show that soon we need to change the way we work with verification and validation as the growing complexity makes it virtually impossible to achieve full certainty that the software is correct.


Miroslaw Staron

Göteborgs universitet

Rakesh Rana

Göteborgs universitet

Jörgen Hansson

Nationell konferens i transportforskning


Data- och informationsvetenskap

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