: building the next generation research information infrastructure at Chalmers University of Technology
Poster (konferens), 2016 is the new research infrastructure - repository platform and CRIS - that is currently being developed by the library at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. With the aim of eventually becoming the place for all relevant research information at the university, and built in accordance with the principles of UX (User eXperience) and agile development (SCRUM) and with a steady focus on value and continuous deliveries, is set to replace most of the current research information infrastructure at the university. It will provide new services for collecting, curating and providing quality data, as well as tools for analysis, sharing and promotion of research output by new and up-to-date means. is (or will be) - creating and preserving values - research output and data repository with qualitative data, researcher profiles, open access. - promoting open access publishing, by proving the value of knowledge sharing, visibility and impact as a researcher. - collecting and curating all kinds of research information, including publications, research data and information about research projects and other research activities. - built with responsive design that is adapted to current user needs. - using current standards for validity and sustainability, such as ORCID, DOI and FundRef IDs. - providing new ways of exploring and analyzing data, such as altmetrics, open APIs and visualization tools. In the first phase (starting in 2014) a complete system for handling research project and grant information has been developed, together with integration of the local HR system for persistent and structured data about staff and organisation. In the current phase (2016-) repository services are being developed, such as a new publication database and a new digital repository, along with services for sharing and collecting data. The next phase(s) will include handling of research data, research activities, learning objects and tools for bibliometric analysis. This poster will show some of the current and future features and the principles of UX and agile development, as well as the experiences of moving out of the comfort zone and dealing with new, non-publication related data, while sustaining and enhancing existing data and current services. It will discuss the challenges and possible solutions, when handling different kinds of research information for use and re-use, in the long run enabling the comprehension of the big picture of research at Chalmers University of Technology.


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current research information systems



Urban Andersson

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Malene Jensen

Chalmers bibliotek

Jessica Lindholm

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Kristin Olofsson

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Magnus Axelsson

Chalmers bibliotek

The Eleventh International Conference on Open Repositories, OR2016
Dublin, Ireland,


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