Reduction of the stress concentration factor in a homogeneous panel with hole by using a functionally graded layer
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2014

This work aims at understanding the effect of a radially heterogeneous layer around the hole in a homogeneous plate on the stress concentration factor. The problem concerns a single hole in a plate under different far-field in-plane loading conditions. By assuming a radial power law variation of Young's modulus and constant value for Poisson's ratio, the governing differential equations for plane stress conditions, and general in-plane loading conditions are studied. The elastic solutions are obtained in closed form and, in order to describe localized interface damage between the ring and the plate, two different interface conditions (perfectly bonded and frictionless contact) are studied. The formulae for the stress concentration factors are explicitly given for uniaxial, biaxial and shear in-plane loading conditions and comparisons with interface hoop stress values are performed. The solutions are investigated to understand the role played by the geometric and graded constitutive parameters. The results are validated with numerical finite element simulations in which some simplified hypotheses assumed in the analytical model, are relaxed to explore the range of validity of the elastic solution presented. In this way the results obtained are useful in tailoring the parameters for specific applications.

C. Analytical modelling

B. Elasticity

Functionally graded materials

A. Plates

B. Stress concentrations


R. Sburlati

Rasoul Atashipour

S.A. Atashipour

Composites Part B: Engineering

1359-8368 (ISSN)

Vol. 61 99-109


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Annan samhällsbyggnadsteknik


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