Accurate free vibration analysis of thick laminated circular plates with attached rigid core
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2012

This paper deals with the free vibration behavior of laminated transversely isotropic circular plates with axisymmetric rigid core attached at the center. The governing equations of motion are obtained based on Mindlin's first-order shear deformation plate theory. Two possible categories of vibration modes related to up-down translation of the core and wobbly rotation of the core about a diameter are studied. Accurate natural frequencies hitherto not reported in the literature are presented for a wide range of thickness-to-radius ratio, inner-to-outer radius ratio, mass and moment of inertia ratios of the core and various boundary conditions at the outer edge of the plate. Numerical results are compared with those of a three-dimensional finite element method (3-D FEM) to demonstrate the high accuracy and reliability of the current analysis.


S. Hosseini-Hashemi

V. Rezaee

Rasoul Atashipour

U.A. Girhammar

Journal of Sound and Vibration

0022-460X (ISSN) 1095-8568 (eISSN)

Vol. 331 25 5581-5596


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