La reforme du Travail Industriel Principes et Realites de la Planification d´Usine de Montage d´Automobiles Volvo a Uddevalla
Artikel i övriga tidskrifter, 1994

A translation of our work into the French language.

A comment: This publication is authored together with senior research competencies (1) within vocational learning and training as well as (2) within time-geography with whom Engström have had long time cooperation procedures.


learning and training


long work cycle times

alternatives to line assembly

Volvo Uddevalla plant


assembly work

work structuring

manufacturing technology

restructuring of information systems

materials feeding techniques


Kajsa Ellegård

Göteborgs universitet

Tomas Engström

Institutionen för transportteknik

Lennart Nilsson

Göteborgs universitet

Permanent Group for the Study of Automobile Industry and its Employees, Universite d´Évry-Val d´Éssonne – Centre de Rechearches Historiques, the International Network Gerpisa, Paris


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