Jordbrukets utomgårds transporter
Rapport, 1976

Consumer report (avnämarrapport in Swedish) for a research foundation (Transportforskningsberedningen TFD, Stockholm).

A comment: As was the praxis during this (early) period of time at Chalmers University of Technology, as well as probably at some other universities. This means that frequent and vast academic publication by means of e.g. conference papers and refereed contributions to scientific journals was almost unheard of. At least so for some of the applied science disciplines (today are the situation indeed very different) (i.e. earlier was the publication in many respects focused on trying to satisfy the executive administrator the research foundation in question, who in turn eventually initiated a more public efforts to communicate particular research results).

external transportations

agricultural matters in Sweden

logistics regarding farming

optimising farming labour and transports


Thomas Ottosson

Institutionen för transportteknik

N A Elllisson

Institutionen för transportteknik

Tomas Engström

Institutionen för transportteknik

Stefan Nedestam

Institutionen för transportteknik


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Institutionen för transportteknik

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