Arbetsrapport av genomförd enkätundersökning vid Volvo Lastvagnars fabrik i Umeå 6 december 2004
Rapport, 2005

Consumer report for the company in question which is financed by the company and partly also by a research foundation. It is a questionnaire survey, in this case, a so-called total survey of all blue-collar employees dealing with assembly work. In fact, it was a part of a more extensive so-called wage earner consultant report carried out at Logistics and Transportation (this research and development work was no private consultant initiative, but it was conducted at the authors' department at the request of the Swedish Metal Union).

cross and multi-sciences approaches

statistical analyses

questionnaire surveys

manufacturing technology

perception of work and work conditions

occupational health issues


manufacturing system design


Tomas Engström

Chalmers, Teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Logistik och transport

Bo Blomquist

Göteborgs universitet


Övrig annan teknik


Logistik och transport

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