Using goal models to visualize and prioritize requirements for learning management systems
Paper i proceeding, 2017

Learning Management Systems (LMSes) handle all aspects of the learning process, a crucial part of educational technology. This study elicits and models the functional and non-functional requirements of two academic and one industrial LMS. The overall purpose is to provide a general requirements model, grounded on existing systems and collected evidence, to aid future LMS development. Goal models, partially validated with interviews, are used to provide a visual presentation of LMS functional and non-functional requirements. A survey was used to prioritize these requirements, obtaining 63 responses from students and academics in Software Engineering. The prioritized requirements are used to create a general LMS requirements model.


Viktor Lantz

Göteborgs universitet

Jennifer Horkoff

Göteborgs universitet

Sara Alibrahim

Göteborgs universitet

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

16130073 (ISSN)

Vol. 1954 58-67


Data- och informationsvetenskap

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