Det permanentade provisoriet : ett återanvänt industriområde i väntan på rivning eller erkännande.
Doktorsavhandling, 2002

In this thesis, the story is told about the 'permanent-provisional state' that has come about in a never completed, and now degenerated, industrial zone in Göteborg. In the "Gustaf Dalén area" there is a rich mixture of activities, and by and large no resident population. Since the 1970s discussions have been underway about renewing the area, which would involve an upgrading of the outer environment, as well as the establishment of new activities, complemented with housing. But in 2002 still not much has happened as to realise any renewal concepts. The recurring discussions about renewal function as a dead hand while awaiting the right situation for implementation. A provisional state has paradoxically become permanent. The purpose of this thesis is to illustrate the Gustaf Dalén area as a case of a permanent-provisional state. The term indicates a phenomenon and a specific situation more than a geographical area. Research starting point has been to understand the Gustaf Dalén area and zones like it as environments for everyday life in the city. The overall research method has been heuristic, which among other things is characterised by a searching for relevant issues, perspectives and theories that were not evident from the beginning. The point of departure was the hunch that planning and development appear to have difficulties in adapting to everyday practise and aesthetics. The empirical task has comprised of an examination of the Gustaf Dalén area's historic and formal prerequisites, in addition to throwing light on the initiatives aimed at changing the area to something else. In a comparative study, I attempt to determine the area of application for the term, permanent-provisional state, within the domain of recycled industrial zones. Theoretical reasoning based on the concepts of 'place' and 'power', as well as the phenomena of 'stigmatisation', have furthermore been performed to illuminate the case and the term. On the whole, my conclusion from the investigation is that the Gustaf Dalén area has come to be a case of a permanent-provisional state, because the area lives in tune with its age, but out of time with development and planning trends.





dissolving city

urban fringe belt

recycled industrial zone



Henri Lefebvre




Gabriella Olshammar

Institutionen för stadsbyggnad





Publikation - Chalmers tekniska högskola, Sektionen för arkitektur: 2002:7

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