Försvarsvilja som attityd och kulturfenomen.
Rapport, 1972

This work is a try to study the willingness in Sweden to defend the nation and to find out on what factors it is based. This will has in Sweden formerly been treated as if it was based on psychological and individual factors. We regard this will to defend the nation as a cultural phenomenon, based on the integration of two other cultural phenomena, the acceptance of the military structure among the people and the identification with their nation. We treat these two cultural phenomena as two historical processes, and we try to study them from their beginning up to date. In the last part of this work we analyse the situation today, and we try to tell which consequences the development has upon the will to defend the nation in Sweden.


Anders Jonsson

Göteborgs universitet

Per Månson

Göteborgs universitet



Forskningsrapport / Sociologiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet: 22

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