Compression-absorption heat pumps
Paper i proceeding, 1988

A theoretical study has been conducted of the combination of compression and absorpstion to produce cycles which have the potential to operate over a wide range of temperatures. An initial analysis of the 19 possible heat pump cycles with upto three pressure an three temperatures showed that there were three cycles which could be attractive. These were then studied in greater detail to identify the operating conditions which would give optimum performance. The compresssion-absorption cycles showed higher COPs and smaller compressor sizes than the conventional single fluid compression heat pump for most of the conditions considered and in several case studies the were superior to the conventional systems. The study currently concentrates on the analysis of the losses within these cycles and their reduction by modification to the cycle and the design of the individual components.


David Hodgett

Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära

Lena Åhlby

Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära

Directorate-General Research, Science and Development, Commission of the European Communities (EUR 11888 EN) - Proceedings of workshop held in London 12 to 14 April 1988



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