Predatory Open Access journals: A review of past screenings within the Flemish performance based research funding system (2014 – 2018)
Paper i proceeding, 2018

From 2013 – 2014 onwards, our group (ECOOM - UAntwerpen) has been monitoring Predatory Open Access publication patterns in Flemish (Belgium) SSH scholarship. In light of the Flemish Performance Based Research Funding System, these screening exercises are conducted to assist university review boards with the decision-making processes concerning what is and what is not to be considered a peer reviewed periodical. Each year, the results of these monitoring exercises than, are published in as a report, and presented to the Authoritative Penal. In the introductory part of this essay, we will present a general background against which these yearly screenings emerged. Second, we will present the sources used and the methods deployed for the yearly screenings. Thereafter, we will shortly present the yearly results these exercises yielded. In the third section, we present a more comprehensive analysis of the results. We conclude with reflecting on the past exercises and the findings presented in this report, and discuss some implications for colleagues and scholars manoeuvring through the contemporary journal landscape.

Performance Based Research Funding System

Open Access journals

Predatory Open Access Journals


Joshua Eykens

University of Antwerp

Raf Guns

University of Antwerp

Jakaria Rahman

Forskarstöd, bibliometri och rankning

Linda Sīle

University of Antwerp

Tim C. E. Engels

University of Antwerp

STI 2018 Conference Proceedings

978-90-9031204-0 (ISBN)

23rd International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators
Leiden, Netherlands,


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