Multi-parameter estimation of high-Q silicon rich nitride resonators using optical frequency domain reflectometry
Paper i proceeding, 2018

Many linear and nonlinear optics applications rely on micro-resonators (MRRs) with carefully designed dispersion and coupling rate coefficients. These parameters are however challenging to measure for MRRs based on high-confinement optical waveguides. In this paper, we report on the use of optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) for the measurement of group velocity dispersion (GVD), coupling coefficients and round-Trip loss, in high-Q (Q i ∼ 0.3 × 10 6 ) silicon-rich nitride MRRs. This technique allows for retrieving the GVD coefficients, intrinsic losses and coupling coefficients for each transverse mode in the resonator, thus providing very valuable feed-back information from experiments to the design flow step.

Integrated photonics

Time domain response


Optical metrology


Group velocity dispersion

Frequency comb

High-Q microring resonator


Luis A. Bru

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV)

Zhichao Ye

Chalmers, Mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Fotonik

Daniel Pastor

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV)

Pascual Muñoz

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV)

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

0277786X (ISSN) 1996756X (eISSN)

Vol. 10535 1053518

Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XXII 2018
San Francisco, USA,


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