Employable LIS courses in Bangladesh: an analysis of last twenty year syllabuses
Paper i proceeding, 2009

This paper scrutinizes the LIS syllabuses of the last twenty years in all the levels of Bangladesh. A comprehensive review of literature has been done, and data has been collected through visits to different library education institutions. The library education in all levels has received very little attention, though library needs dynamic personality with proper education to assure its ultimate goal. None of the department or LIS institutions have ever conducted any survey to determine the needs of the country's libraries and information centers for the qualification of personnel required to staff such institutions as well as development of the courses as per true need. This paper identified the strength and weakness, and suggests some measures for forthcoming syllabuses as well as improving the quality of library education for the benefits of future library professionals.

Library education


Momena Khatun

Independent researcher

Mohammed Mezbah-ul-Islam

University of Dhaka

Envisioning Employable LIS Courses in Developing Countries for the Emerging Knowledge Society

Burdwan, India,


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