Dusty Superwind from a Galaxy with a Compact Obscured Nucleus: Optical Spectroscopic Study of NGC 4418
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2019

We report our optical spectroscopic study of the nucleus and its surrounding region of a nearby luminous infrared galaxy NGC 4418. This galaxy has been known to host a compact obscured nucleus, showing distinct characteristics such as a very compact (similar to 20 pc) submillimeter and mid-infrared core and dusty circumnuclear region with massive molecular gas concentration. We detected dusty superwind outflow at greater than or similar to 1 kpc scale along the disk semiminor axis in both shock-heated emission lines and enhanced interstellar Na D absorption. This superwind shows basic characteristics similar to those of the prototypical superwind in the starburst galaxy M82, such as a kiloparsec-scale extended structure of gas and dust along the disk minor axis, outflowing components (multiphase gas and dust), physical conditions of the ionized gas, and monotonically blueshifting radial velocity field with increasing distance from the nucleus on the front side of the superwind. We also detected a moderately extinct starburst population in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey nuclear spectrum with a burst age of similar or equal to 10 Myr and stellar mass of similar or equal to 1 x 10(7) M-circle dot. It is powerful enough to drive the superwind within the dynamical age of the superwind (similar or equal to 10 Myr). On the basis of comparison between this starburst-superwind scenario and the observations in terms of the burst age, stellar mass, infrared luminosity, and obscuration in the optical bands, we argue that this superwind-driving starburst is separate from the submillimeter core even if the core is a very young star cluster. Therefore, this galaxy hosts both the enshrouded compact core and the superwind-driving circumnuclear starburst.

galaxies: nuclei

galaxies: individual (NGC 4418)

ISM: jets and outflows

galaxies: starburst


Youichi Ohyama

Academia Sinica

Kazushi Sakamoto

Academia Sinica

Susanne Aalto

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Astronomi och plasmafysik


University of Wisconsin Madison

Astrophysical Journal

0004-637X (ISSN) 1538-4357 (eISSN)

Vol. 871 2 191



Astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi

Atom- och molekylfysik och optik



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