Optimization of Mass Fraction and Particle Size of TiO2 Additives in Application of HVDC Transformer Insulation
Paper i proceeding, 2019

With the fast development of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission technology, higher electrical insulation properties are demanded in application of HVDC converter transformers. The nano adding in the cellulose insulation is a kind of effect method to enhance their electrical insulation properties. In this paper, nano-TiO2 particles with four different diameters (5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm and 30 nm) and four different loading ratios (1 wt%, 3 wt%, 5 wt% and 7 wt%) are added during preparation of the insulation cellulose paper. To evaluate their dielectric properties, DC breakdown test, partial discharge inception voltage test, the accumulating properties of the surface charge dynamics and trap distribution characteristic are performed on the prepared nano-TiO2 modified paper samples. The experimental results show that the DC breakdown voltage and the partial discharge inception voltage of oil-immersed composition insulating paper are significantly improved by adding nano-TiO2 particles. According to the testing data, the optimum combination of 10 nm particle size and 5 wt% mass fractions were obtained, and the modification mechanism of nano-TiO2 of the nano-composition insulation were presented in the paper.

Surface charge

Cellulose paper

Trap distribution


Partial discharge


Daosheng Liu

Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

Jing Ye

Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

Xiangdong Xu

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Christopher Garang Deng

Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

Xiaofan Li

Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids

21533725 (ISSN) 21533733 (eISSN)

Vol. 2019-June 8796662
978-172811718-8 (ISBN)

20th IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids, ICDL 2019
Roma, Italy,


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