Which Type of Research is Cited More Often in Wikipedia? A Case Study of PubMed Research
Paper i proceeding, 2018

This study examinesthe characteristics of medical articlescited in Wikipediaand compares them with a sample of medical articles not cited in theplatform.Theaim is to determinethereasons why some articles are selected as reliable sources for Wikipedia and others are not.The characteristicsstudiedare document type, open access status of article, article topic, article F1000 class and F1000 count, article tweet count, and article news count. Thefindingsshow a documenttype similarity for both cited and uncited sets of articles,with articles, reviews and editorial materials beingmore visible in both sets. While the articles cover a broad range of topics, the top three topics are the samein bothsets.The results also reveal that Wikipedia favors OA articles, although a large number of cited articles are non-OA.Finally, significant, although weak correlations arefound between Wiki citation counts and F1000, tweet and news counts. While F1000 and tweet counts correlate negatively with Wikipediacitation counts, news counts show a positive correlation, although the weakest compared to the other correlations.



Medical articles



citation studies


Tahereh Dehdarirad

Forskarstöd, bibliometri och rankning

Fereshteh Didegah

23rd international conference on science and technology indicators (STI 2018)
Leiden, Netherlands,


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