Padé-based arbitrary wavelength polarization closures for full-F gyro-kinetic and -fluid models
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2020

We propose a solution to the long-standing short wavelength polarization closure shortfall of full-F gyro-fluid models. This is achieved by first finding an appropriate quadratic form of the gyro-fluid moment over the polarization part of the gyro-center Hamiltonian. Secondly, we deduce Padé-based approximations to the latter expression that produce a polarization charge density with the desired order of accuracy and retain linear polarization effects for arbitrary wavelengths. The proposed closures feature proper energy conservation and the anticipated Oberbeck-Boussinesq and long wavelength limits.

full-F gyro-kinetic theory


full-F gyro-fluid theory

polarization closure


Markus Held

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Astronomi och plasmafysik, Plasmafysik och fusionsenergi

M. Wiesenberger

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

A. Kendl

University of Innsbruck

Nuclear Fusion

0029-5515 (ISSN)

Vol. 60 6 066014



Geovetenskap och miljövetenskap

Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik



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