Magnetic phase boundary of BaVS3 clarified with high-pressure mu+SR
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2020

The magnetic nature of the quasi-one-dimensional BaVS3 has been studied as a function of temperature down to 0.25 K and pressure up to 1.97 GPa on a powder sample using the positive muon spin rotation and relaxation (mu(+) SR) technique. At ambient pressure, BaVS3 enters an incommensurate antiferromagnetic ordered state below the Neel temperature (T-N)31 K. T-N is almost constant as the pressure (p) increases from ambient pressure to 1.4 GPa, then T-N decreases rapidly for p > 1.4 GPa, and finally disappears at p similar to 1.8 GPa, above which a metallic phase is stabilized. Hence, T-N is found to be equivalent to the pressure-induced metal-insulator transition temperature (T-MI) at p > 1.4 GPa.


Jun Sugiyama

CROSS Neutron Sci & Technol Ctr

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Daniel Andreica

Universitatea Babes-Bolyai

Ola Kenji Forslund

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)

Elisabetta Nocerino

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)

Nami Matsubara

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)

Yasmine Sassa

Chalmers, Fysik, Materialfysik

Zurab Guguchia

Paul Scherrer Institut

Rustem Khasanov

Paul Scherrer Institut

Francis L. Pratt

STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Hiroyuki Nakamura

Kyoto University

Martin Mansson

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)


2469-9950 (ISSN) 2469-9969 (eISSN)

Vol. 101 17 174403


Oorganisk kemi

Metallurgi och metalliska material

Den kondenserade materiens fysik



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