Teaching portfolio workshop
Paper i proceeding, 2019

The Swedish Government has commissioned The Swedish Higher Education Authority (Swedish government press release, Swedish Higher Education Authority) to carry out a follow-up of pedagogical development work at Swedish universities. The mission is to provide a national overview and to contribute to knowledge about higher education institutions' work with pedagogical development. The Authority is asking all universities for input regarding what the Authority should prioritize in its mission regarding university education development work. Most universities in Sweden have prepared instructions for writing a teaching portfolio. Chalmers University of Technology has used guidelines since many years (Chalmers Guidelines for pedagogical portfolio). The aims are to promote pedagogical development and to be used at promotion and employment processes (Chalmers Guidelines for pedagogical portfolio, Chalmers vision of pedagogical competence, Larsson & Olsson, 2015). At the Teaching Portfolio Workshop Chalmers' guidelines for writing a pedagogical portfolio (Chalmers Guidelines for pedagogical portfolio) will be presented and discussed with the participants. Participants will, through active participation and learning in groups discuss and start to write the section - which is often regarded as the most important part of the Teaching portfolio - which has the subheading “Your pedagogical activities: approach, reflection and development”. Finally, the seminar is summarized with the participants' contributions from group work. Examples from completed portfolios are shown and followed by joint discussion and opportunity to ask questions.

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Elisabeth Saalman

Chalmers, Vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande, Avdelningen för ingenjörsutbildningsvetenskap (EER)

International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education

21831378 (eISSN)

Vol. 9 700-702

11th International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering and 16th Active Learning in Engineering Education Workshop, PAEE/ALE 2019
Hammamet, Tunisia,



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