Performance analysis of flexible ink-jet printed humidity sensors based on graphene oxide
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2018

This paper presents design, fabrication, and characterization of flexible capacitive graphene oxide (GO) based humidity sensors, which can be used in many applications, such as environmental protection, civil engineering, and agriculture. They consist of interdigitated electrodes ink-jet printed on a polyimide flexible substrate and GO based sensing layer. Measurement setup for testing and characterization was developed in laboratory conditions. The dependence of the capacitance and resistance of the GO based humidity sensors on the percentage of the applied humidity is presented. The main advantage of developed GO based capacitive humidity sensors is very large variation of capacitance, almost five orders of magnitude, compared with the previously demonstrated sensors. The other advantages of the sensors are fast response-recovery time, excellent reproducibility of the measurement results, and use of cost-effective additive ink-jet technology.


D.Z. Vasiljevic

University of Novi Sad

Aida Mansouri

Politecnico di Milano

L. Anzi

Politecnico di Milano

R. Sordan

Politecnico di Milano

G.M. Stojanovic

University of Novi Sad

IEEE Sensors Journal

1530-437X (ISSN)

Vol. 18 11 4378-4383


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