A decoupling and linearizing discretization for poroelasticity with nonlinear permeability
Preprint, 2021

We analyze a semi-explicit time discretization scheme of first order for poroelasticity with nonlinear permeability provided that the elasticity model and the flow equation are only weakly coupled. The approach leads to a decoupling of the equations and, at the same time, linearizes the nonlinearity without the need of further inner iteration steps. Hence, the computational speed-up is twofold without a loss in the convergence rate. We prove optimal first-order error estimates by considering a related delay system and investigate the method numerically for different examples with various types of nonlinear displacement-permeability relations.


nonlinear poroelasticity


time discretization


Robert Altmann

Universität Augsburg

Roland Maier

Chalmers, Matematiska vetenskaper, Tillämpad matematik och statistik



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