Soliton Stability in PMD Perturbed Transmission Systems
Kapitel i bok, 1998

This paper presents a detailed investigation of how solitons broaden in the presence of polarization-mode dispersion (PMD). For a given degree of PMD and pulse width there exists an optimum choice of group-velocity dispersion, for which solitons are most resistant to the effects of PMD. We also optimize the soliton power enhancement factor and find that solitons can propagate roughly twice the distance compared to linear pulses in the absence of group-velocity dispersion. Finally we investigate the PMD robustness of dispersion managed solitons, and in the case simulated we find no quantitative difference as compared to conventional solitons.

polarization-mode dispersion

fiber-optic communications

nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Optical Solitons


Magnus Karlsson

Institutionen för optoelektronik och elmätteknik

Xiupu Zhang

Institutionen för optoelektronik och elmätteknik

Peter Andrekson

Institutionen för optoelektronik och elmätteknik

Kent Bertilsson

Ericsson AB

New Trends in Optical Soliton Transmission Systems

978-94-011-5141-2 (ISBN)


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