Synthesis and characterization of glycol chitosan coated selenium nanoparticles acts synergistically to alleviate oxidative stress and increase ginsenoside content in Panax ginseng
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2021

The objective of the present study is synthesis of glycol chitosan coated selenium nanoparticles (GC-Se NPs) and evaluation of oxidative stress and ginsenoside accumulation in P. ginseng C. A. Meyer. We synthesized (Se NPs and GC-Se NPs) and characterized using various spectroscopic analyses. The highest concentration (20 mg L−1) of GC-Se NPs induced moderate ROS (O2[rad]− and H2O2) accumulation and upregulation of PgSOD and PgCAT showing good biocompatibility and less toxicity at the highest concentration. Furthermore, ginsenoside biosynthetic pathway genes (PgHMGR, PgSS, PgSE, PgDDS) also showed significant upregulation upon 20 mg L−1 GC-Se NPs treatment. At 20 mg L−1 GC-Se NPs treatment, ginsenoside accumulated upto 217.47 mg/mL and 169.86 mg/mL mainly due to the increased proportion of Rb1 and Re ginsenosides. Altogether, our results suggested that ecofriendly conjugation of GC with Se NPs could be used as a bio fortifier to enhance the ginsenoside profile and to increase the quality of ginseng roots.

Glycol chitosan nanoparticles

Selenium nanoparticles

Antioxidant enzymes



Oxidative stress


Suleman Abid

Kyung Hee University

Lalitha Kaliraj

Kyung Hee University

Shadi Rahimi

Chalmers, Biologi och bioteknik, Systembiologi

Yeon Ju Kim

Kyung Hee University

Deok Chun Yang

Kyung Hee University

Se Chan Kang

Kyung Hee University

Sri Renukadevi Balusamy

Sejong University

Carbohydrate Polymers

0144-8617 (ISSN)

Vol. 267 118195


Bioteknisk apparatteknik

Farmakologi och toxikologi




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