OpEx driven software architecture a case study
Paper i proceeding, 2021

In the last thirty years, the software industry has changed how systems are architected and how systems are distributed. Software is moving from a monolithic architecture and locally installed application to micro-services architecture and applications accessible through the internet. The accessibility over the internet is provided by the emergence of cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP. This transformation also impacts the financial structure of software projects, which is moving from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx). This paper highlights the implication of architecture decisions on a cloud application’s operating cost based on two industrial case studies.

Financial Model

Software Architecture

Cloud-based Application

Operational Expenditure (OpEx)


Sebastien Andreo


Ambra Calà


Jan Bosch

Testing, Requirements, Innovation and Psychology

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

16130073 (ISSN)

Vol. 2978

15th European Conference on Software Architecture - Companion, ECSA-C 2021
Virtual, Online, Sweden,



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