Historical precedents and feasibility of rapid coal and gas decline required for the 1.5°C target
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2021

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, fossil fuel use must rapidly decline, but historical precedents for such large-scale transitions are lacking. Here we identify 147 historical episodes and policy pledges of fossil fuel decline in 105 countries and global regions between 1960 and 2018. We analyze 43 cases in larger systems most relevant to climate scenarios. One-half of 1.5°C-compatible scenarios envision coal decline in Asia faster than in any of these cases. The remaining scenarios as well as many scenarios for coal and gas decline in other regions have precedents only where oil was replaced by coal, gas, or nuclear power in response to energy security threats. Achieving the 1.5°C target will be difficult in the absence of fossil fuel decline mechanisms that extend far beyond historical experience or current pledges.


fossil fuel decline

fossil fuel phase-out

energy transitions

IPCC scenarios

climate mitigation scenarios

coal phase-out

integrated assessment models

climate change mitigation


Vadim Vinichenko

Universitetet i Bergen

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Fysisk resursteori

Aleh Cherp

Central European University

Lunds universitet

Jessica Jewell

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Fysisk resursteori

Internationales Institut fuer Angewandte Systemanalyse

Universitetet i Bergen

One Earth

25903330 (ISSN) 25903322 (eISSN)

Vol. 4 10 1477-1490


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