Electrochemical removal and recovery of uranium: Effects of operation conditions, mechanisms, and implications
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2022

Removing and recovering uranium (U) from U-mining wastewater would be appealing, which simultaneously reduces the adverse environmental impact of U mining activities and mitigates the depletion of conventional U resources. In this study, we demonstrate the application of a constant-voltage electrochemical (CVE) method for the removal and recovery of U from U-mining wastewater, in an ambient atmosphere. The effects of operation conditions were elucidated in synthetic U-bearing water experiments, and the cell voltage and the ionic strength were found to play important roles in both the U extraction kinetics and the operation cost. The mechanistic studies show that, in synthetic U-bearing water, the CVE U extraction proceeds exclusively via a single-step one-electron reduction mechanism, where pentavalent U is the end product. In real U-mining wastewater, the interference of water matrices led to the disproportionation of the pentavalent U, resulting in the formation of tetravalent and hexavalent U in the extraction products. The U extraction efficacy of the CVE method was evaluated in real U-mining wastewater, and results show that the CVE U extraction method can be efficient with operation costs ranging from $0.55/kgU ~ $64.65/kgU, with varying cell voltages from 1.0 V to 4.0 V, implying its feasibility from the economic perspective.

Uranium mining wastewater




Uranium extraction


Yin Ye

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Beilei Fan

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Zemin Qin

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Xin Tang

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Yanyue Feng

Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi, Per-Anders Carlsson Group

Miao Lv

Harbin Institute of Technology

Shiyu Miao

Qinghai University

Hongwan Li

University of Florida

Yanlong Chen

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Fan Chen

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Yuheng Wang

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Journal of Hazardous Materials

0304-3894 (ISSN)

Vol. 432 128723


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