The LOFAR Tied-Array All-Sky Survey: Timing of 35 radio pulsars and an overview of the properties of the LOFAR pulsar discoveries
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2023

The LOFAR Tied-Array All-Sky Survey (LOTAAS) is the most sensitive untargeted radio pulsar survey performed at low radio frequencies (119-151 MHz) to date and has discovered 76 new radio pulsars, including the 23.5-s pulsar J0250+5854, which up until recently was the slowest spinning radio pulsar known. In this paper, we report on the timing solutions of 35 pulsars discovered by LOTAAS, which include a nulling pulsar and a mildly recycled pulsar, and thereby complete the full timing analysis of the LOTAAS pulsar discoveries. We give an overview of the findings from the full LOTAAS sample of 76 pulsars, discussing their pulse profiles, radio spectra, and timing parameters. We found that the pulse profiles of some of the pulsars show profile variations in time or frequency, and while some pulsars show signs of scattering, a large majority display no pulse broadening. The LOTAAS discoveries have on average steeper radio spectra and longer spin periods (1.4×), as well as lower spin-down rates (3.1×) compared to the known pulsar population. We discuss the cause of these differences and attribute them to a combination of selection effects of the LOTAAS survey as well as previous pulsar surveys, though we cannot rule out that older pulsars tend to have steeper radio spectra.

Pulsars: general


E. Van Der Wateren

Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

Radboud Universiteit

C. G. Bassa

Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

S. Cooper

University of Manchester

J. M. Grieβmeier

Université de recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres

Universite d'Orleans

B. W. Stappers

University of Manchester

J. W. T. Hessels

Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

V. I. Kondratiev

Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

D. Michilli

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

C. M. Tan

McGill University

C. Tiburzi

Istituto nazionale di astrofisica (INAF)

P. Weltevrede

University of Manchester

A. S. Bak Nielsen


Universität Bielefeld

Tobia Carozzi

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Onsala rymdobservatorium

B. Ciardi


I. Cognard

Université de recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres

Universite d'Orleans

R. -J. Dettmar

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

A. Karastergiou

University of Oxford

M.A. Kramer


University of Manchester

J. Künsemöller

Universität Bielefeld

S. Osłowski

Manly Astrophysics

M. Serylak

University of the Western Cape

SKA Organisation

C. Vocks

Leibniz-Institut Für Astrophysik Potsdam

O. Wucknitz


Astronomy and Astrophysics

0004-6361 (ISSN) 1432-0746 (eISSN)

Vol. 669 A160


Astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi

Atom- och molekylfysik och optik

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