In Situ Photo-Fenton-Like Tandem Reaction for Selective Gluconic Acid Production from Glucose Photo-Oxidation
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2023

Biomass photorefining to selectively produce value-added bioproducts is an emerging alternative biomass valorization approach to alleviate energy crisis and achieve carbon neutrality. Here, we demonstrate an efficient and selective glucose photo-oxidation to gluconic acid via a rationally designed dual-functional carbon nitride photocatalyst that not only allows H2O2 production via 2e- oxygen reduction reaction (2e-ORR) but also realizes in situ photo-Fenton-like reaction. As a result, the essential oxidative species (•O2- and •OH) for glucose oxidation into gluconic acid are generated that achieves >60% glucose conversion and >60% of gluconic acid selectivity within 4 h. Density functional theory calculations demonstrate the superior performance of the photocatalyst for •O2- and H2O2 generation. Further experimental results reveal that the moderate concentration of H2O2 produced by 2e-ORR reaction plays a vital role in regulatinge gluconic acid selectivity. This work demonstrates a good example to realize selective biomass photorefining through tandem reaction of ORR and in situ photo-Fenton-like process, which could have profound impact on artificial photoenzyme systems involving moderate H2O2 modulation.

glucose photo-oxidation



gluconic acid

tandem reaction

in situ photo-Fenton-like reaction


Jiu Wang

University of Calgary

Lin Chen

Chalmers, Fysik, Kemisk fysik

Heng Zhao

University of Calgary

Pawan Kumar

University of Calgary

Stephen R. Larter

University of Calgary

Md Golam Kibria

University of Calgary

Jinguang Hu

University of Calgary

ACS Catalysis

21555435 (eISSN)



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Biokatalys och enzymteknik

Organisk kemi



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