Research progress in the application of MXene in bacterial detection and eradication
Reviewartikel, 2024

Infections stemming from pathogenic bacteria pose a notable menace to public health. Traditional strategies for bacterial detection and management frequently confront hurdles such as sensitivity constraints and antibiotic resistance. This review embarks on an exploration of the synthesis techniques and inherent structural traits of MXenes. An array of fabrication approaches spanning both top-down and bottom-up paradigms is meticulously examined. Subsequently, attention shifts to the formulation of bacterial detection sensors. Electrochemical, fluorescent, and dual-modal sensors are critically examined, elucidating how MXenes elevate the precision and sensitivity of bacterial detection. Notably, the potential for MXenes to identify chiral molecules is underscored. The segment dedicated to antibacterial mechanisms and applications dissects MXenes' effectiveness in eradicating bacterial agents. Mechanisms encompassing physical harm, photothermally-driven sterilization, and reactive oxygen species -induced sterilization are expounded upon. Additionally, the practical utilization of MXene-based nanomaterials in water purification and antibacterial interventions is succinctly outlined. Prospects on the horizon are evaluated, spotlighting the persistent trajectory of research and development in this dynamic sphere. Ultimately, at its essence, this comprehensive review offers a panoramic perspective of the substantial advancements achieved in MXene-based research for bacterial identification and eradication.

Bacteria detection

Antibacterial mechanisms

Antibacterial therapy

Fabrication approach



Lin Liu

Jinan University

Zhongwei Yang

Jinan University

Jian Zhang

Chalmers, Life sciences, Systembiologi

Longwei Wang

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jinbo Pang

Jinan University

Aizhu Wang

Jinan University

Long Hua Ding

Jinan University

Hong Liu

Jinan University

Shandong University

Xin Yu

Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Jinan University

Materials Today Physics

25425293 (eISSN)

Vol. 43 101412


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