Contextual characteristics of creativity: Effects on IT-supported organisational brainstorming
Kapitel i bok, 2007

As a much needed quality in today’s businesses, creativity is an important area of research. Creativity is a complex and multi-faceted concept and can thus be studied from a variety of perspectives. In this chapter, we describe an attempt to support organisational creativity with information technology—in this case, an electronic brainstorming device. While implementing and evaluating this prototype, it was noticed that the sheer presence of technology did neither guarantee usage nor success. Contextual factors such as organisational culture and attitudes seem to have an equally important role, and this observation called for a more focused analysis of the motivational aspects of creativity management. Based on the empirical data from the electronic brainstorming system evaluation and literature on organisational creativity, three general pieces of managerial advice to promote corporate creativity are suggested: reconsider the use of extrinsic rewards; recognise creative initiatives; and allow redundancy.

intrinsic motivation

creativity management

reward systems

information technology


Dick Stenmark

Göteborgs universitet

Advanced Topics in Technology and Human Interaction






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