Sub-Barrier Coulomb Excitation of ^110Sn and Its Implications for the ^100Sn Shell Closure
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2007

The first excited 2+ state of the unstable isotope 110Sn has been studied in safe Coulomb excitation at 2.82 MeV/u using the MINIBALL array at the REX-ISOLDE post accelerator at CERN. This is the first measurement of the reduced transition probability of this state using this method for a neutron deficient Sn isotope. The strength of the approach lies in the excellent peak-to-background ratio that is achieved. The extracted reduced transition probability, B(E2:0+-->2+)=0.220±0.022e2b2, strengthens the observation of the evolution of the B(E2) values of neutron deficient Sn isotopes that was observed recently in intermediate-energy Coulomb excitation of 108Sn. It implies that the trend of these reduced transition probabilities in the even-even Sn isotopes is not symmetric with respect to the midshell mass number A=116 as 100Sn is approached.

Nuclear shell model

Nuclear multipole matrix elements

Coulomb excitation by heavy ions

Properties of nuclei with 90 <= A <= 149


J. Cederkall

A. Ekstrom

C. Fahlander

A. M. Hurst

M. Hjorth-Jensen

F. Ames

A. Banu

P. A. Butler

T. Davinson

U. Datta Pramanik

J. Eberth

S. Franchoo

G. Georgiev

M. Gorska

D. Habs

M. Huyse

O. Ivanov

J. Iwanicki

O. Kester

U. Köster

B. A. Marsh

O. Niedermaier

Thomas Nilsson

Chalmers, Teknisk fysik, Subatomär fysik

P. Reiter

H. Scheit

D. Schwalm

T. Sieber

G. Sletten

I. Stefanescu

J. Van de Walle

P. Van Duppen

N. Warr

D. Weisshaar

Fredrik Wenander

Physical Review Letters

Vol. 98 17 172501-


Subatomär fysik


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