Exposure of commuters to volatile aromatic hydrocarbons from petrol exhaust
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 1991

Twenty-two volatile aromatic hydrocarbons were determined in the air of an automobile during commuting. Sampling was made on Tenax cartridges and laboratory determinations were carried out using thermal desorption combined with temperature-programmed capillary gas chromatography. Selected hydrocarbons representative of petrol exhaust were determined in the automobile and in an electric commuter train during eight parallel commuter trips. In the automobile, the concentrations of benzene were 35-70 micrograms/m3 and those of total aromatic hydrocarbons 200-400 micrograms/m3. The petrol exhaust levels were 5-10 times higher in the automobile than in the compartment of the commuter train.


Lars Löfgren

Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap

Karin Persson

Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap

Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall

Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap

Göran Petersson

Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap

The science of the total environment

Vol. 108 225-233


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Annan naturresursteknik


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