Distribution equilibrium of mercury (II) chloride between water and air applied to flue gas cleaning
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2000

In the literature, different values of the distribution coef-ficient K H for HgCl 2 between water and air are present in a range that spans more than 3 orders of magnitude. In order to determine if a waste incineration scrubber solu-tion could become saturated with regard to HgCl 2 , an ac-curate experimental determination of the distribution constant of HgCl 2 at elevated temperatures is needed. In this work, the coefficient has been determined at four dif-ferent temperatures between 10 and 50 °C. The Arrhenius expression obtained is 5.5 x 10 5 x exp[-(8060 ± 2200)/T] with a corresponding enthalpy for the process HgCl 2 (aq)?I HgCl 2 (g) of 67 ± 20 kJ/mole. K H at 293 K was found to be ~5 x 10 -7 atm M -1 , which is in almost perfect agreement with an earlier study. Applying the obtained K H values to waste incineration scrubber conditions shows that no major saturation effect will occur.


henrys law


mercuric chloride

flue gas cleaning


J. Sommar

Dan Strömberg

Göteborgs universitet

Oliver Lindqvist

Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association

1096-2247 (ISSN)

Vol. 50 9 1663-1666


Annan naturresursteknik


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