The effects of refurbishment on residents’ quality of life and wellbeing in two Swedish nursing homes
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2009

This study was conducted to follow a refurbishment aimed at enhancing the supportiveness of the physical environment in two Swedish nursing homes. Significant differences between intervention and equivalent reference groups were found for quality of life (p= 0.007) and wellbeing (p= 0.02, p= 0.01) indicating a deterioration for the intervention group. These results suggest that nursing home residents are more frail and sensitive to change than has been assumed. This needs to be considered when facilities accommodating the elderly need refurbishment. It also indicates that interior design features alone have little importance for the care climate in nursing homes. Key words; Supportive physical environment, nursing home, elderly, quality of life, wellbeing


Hanna Falk

Göteborgs universitet

Helle Wijk

Göteborgs universitet

Lars-Olof Persson

Göteborgs universitet

Health and Place

1353-8292 (ISSN)

Vol. 15 3 717-724



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