Effects of Interface Loading in Dynamic Substructuring
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2015

Over the last few IMAC conferences, the SEM substructuring focus group’s benchmark; the Ampair A600 wind turbine, has been thoroughly studied, at substructure as well as system levels but also by implementation of different substructuring techniques for assembling experimental and/or analytical component models. Within the focus group, work dedicated to appropriate interfacing between substructures has furthermore been an area of increased interest. This is notable through the use of the transmission simulator method. This paper draws on that paradigm in studying the end effects on assembled structures of using nominally identical substructure models derived from experimental setups with different levels of mass loading at the interface. Specifically, experimental models for an A600 blade and bracket system attached to dummy masses of different sizes are coupled to an analytical model of the hub. The results are compared to analytical results of the full system.


Andreas Linderholt

Maren Scheel

Anders Johansson


ICoEV 2015: International Conference on Engineering Vibration



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