Johan Lagerkvist

Doctoral Student at Construction Management

Johan is an Industrial Doctoral Student at the Division of Structural Engineering. His doctoral project is about industrial design and production of bridges.

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Productivity increase in design and production of bridges

Johan Lagerkvist, Ola Laedre, Rasmus Rempling et al
Construction's Role for a World in Emergency, p. 1268-1276
Paper in proceeding

Important parameters for increased productivity in bridge design and production

Johan Lagerkvist, Mats Karlsson, Rasmus Rempling et al
IABSE Congress Nanjing 2022 - Bridges and Structures: Connection, Integration and Harmonisation, Report, p. 80-88
Paper in proceeding

Climate-smarter design of Soil-Steel Composite Bridges using Set-Based Design

Johan Lagerkvist, Carlos Gil Berrocal, Rasmus Rempling
Current Perspectives and New Directions in Mechanics, Modelling and Design of Structural Systems, p. 2001-2006
Paper in proceeding

Optimal time for contractors to enter infrastructure projects

Freddy Antonsson, David Lindvall, Johan Lagerkvist et al
Procedia Computer Science. Vol. 196, p. 990-998
Paper in proceeding

Climate impact estimation – from feasibility study to handover

Johan Lagerkvist, Peter Simonsson, Mats Karlsson et al
IABSE Congress, Ghent 2021: Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs, p. 622-628
Paper in proceeding

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