Julia Brandes

Senior Lecturer at Algebra and geometry

My research interests lie in the area of analytic number theory, especially applications of the Hardy-Littlewood circle method. This is a Fourier-analytic method for estimating the number of solutions of diophantine equations which has been developed in the 1920s. But although the basic method is quite classical, its versatility makes it a strong tool that continues to yield new and exciting results. Furthermore, since polynomial equations occupy a central position in many fields of mathematics, results obtained by the circle method find applications in a wide range of problems.

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Rational lines on cubic hypersurfaces

Julia Brandes, Rainer Dietmann
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. Vol. In Press
Journal article

On the number of linear spaces on hypersurfaces with a prescribed discriminant

Julia Brandes
Mathematische Zeitschrift. Vol. 289 (3-4), p. 803-827
Journal article

Vinogradov systems with a slice off

Julia Brandes, Trevor D. Wooley
Mathematika. Vol. 63 (3), p. 797-817
Journal article

Simultaneous Additive Equations: Repeated and Differing Degrees

Julia Brandes, S. T. Parsell
Canadian Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 69 (2), p. 258-283
Journal article

Linear spaces on hypersurfaces over number fields

Julia Brandes
Michigan Mathematical Journal. Vol. 66 (4), p. 769-784
Journal article

The Hasse Principle for Systems of Quadratic and Cubic Diagonal Equations

Julia Brandes
Quarterly Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 68 (3), p. 831-850
Journal article

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Higher-dimensional structures on hypersurfaces

Julia Brandes Algebra and geometry
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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