Elisabeth Dietze

Post doc at Chemical Physics

I am working as a Post-Doc researcher at Chalmers University of Technology in the group of Professor Henrik Grönbeck since March 2020, investigating the kinetics of surface reactions. The work will mainly focus on the methane oxidation over Pd and PdO, especially the role of the Pd/PdO interface. I received my PhD in Chemistry in 2019 from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for the investigation of nanoparticle stability and deactivation under the supervision of Professor Felix Studt and Dr. Philipp Plessow.

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Theoretical Investigation of the Size Effect on the Oxygen Adsorption Energy of Coinage Metal Nanoparticles

Amir H. Hakimioun, Elisabeth Dietze, Bart D. Vandegehuchte et al
Catalysis Letters. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Reduced Carbon Monoxide Saturation Coverage on Vicinal Palladium Surfaces: The Importance of the Adsorption Site

Fernando Garcia-Martinez, Elisabeth Dietze, F. Schiller et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 12 (39), p. 9508-9515
Journal article

Structure-Dependent Strain Effects

Elisabeth Dietze, Henrik Grönbeck
ChemPhysChem. Vol. 21 (21), p. 2407-2410
Journal article

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