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Effects of a wave-shaped piston bowl geometry on the performance of heavy duty Diesel engines fueled with alcohols and biodiesel blends

Tankai Zhang, Jan Eismark, Karin Munch et al
Renewable Energy. Vol. 148, p. 512-522
Journal article

Role of fuel properties and piston shape in influencing soot oxidation in heavy-duty low swirl diesel engine combustion

Jan Eismark, Magnus Christensen, Mats Andersson et al
Fuel. Vol. 254
Journal article

Role of Piston Bowl Shape to Enhance Late-Cycle Soot Oxidation in Low-Swirl Diesel Combustion

Jan Eismark, Mats Andersson, Magnus Christensen et al
SAE International Journal of Engines. Vol. 12 (3)
Journal article

Role of spray chamber experiments in understanding flame-flame interaction events in heavy-duty diesel engine combustion.

Jan Eismark, Mats Andersson, Anders Karlsson et al
SAE International Journal of Engines
Journal article

Reduced soot emissions by piston bowl-shape guided late cycle oxidation in low-swirl heavy-duty diesel engine combustion

Jan Eismark, Mats Andersson, Anders Karlsson et al
SIA POWERTRAIN ROUEN 2018 The New Compression Ignition Engine, Electrification and Sustainable Fuels for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles, p. 265-276
Paper in proceeding

High Pressure Ethanol Injection under Diesel-Like Conditions

Michael Saccullo, Mats Andersson, Jan Eismark et al
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2017-March (March)
Journal article

Role of turbulence for mixing and soot oxidation for an equivalent diesel gas jet during wall interaction studied with LES.

Jan Eismark, Martin Hammas, Anders Karlsson et al
Proceeding of THIESEL 2012
Paper in proceeding

Role of formation and transportation of hydroxyl radicals for enhanced late soot oxidation in a low emissions heavy-duty diesel engine.

Jan Eismark, Anders Karlsson, Ronny Lindgren et al
Thiesel 2010 conference on Thermo-and fluid dynamic processes in Diesel Diesel Engines, p. 173-190
Paper in proceeding

Role of late soot oxidation for low emission combustion in a diffusion-controlled, High-EGR, heavy duty diesel engine

Jan Eismark, Michael Balthasar, A. Karlsson et al
SAE Technical Papers
Journal article

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