Olena Ishchuk

Visiting Researcher at Systems and Synthetic Biology
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Suppressors of amyloid-β toxicity improve recombinant protein production in yeast by reducing oxidative stress and tuning cellular metabolism

Xin Chen, Xiaowei Li, Boyang Ji et al
Metabolic Engineering. Vol. 72, p. 311-324
Journal article

Improved production of human hemoglobin in yeast by engineering hemoglobin degradation

Olena Ishchuk, August T. Frost, Facundo Muniz et al
Metabolic Engineering. Vol. 66, p. 259-267
Journal article

Understand the genomic diversity and evolution of fungal pathogen Candida glabrata by genome-wide analysis of genetic variations

Xiaoxian Guo, Ruoyu Zhang, Yudong Li et al
Methods. Vol. 176, p. 82-90
Journal article

Improving the Production of Cofactor-Containing Proteins: Production of Human Hemoglobin in Yeast

Olena Ishchuk, Jose Luis Martinez Ruiz, Dina Petranovic Nielsen
Methods in molecular biology, p. 243-264
Book chapter

Improvement of thermotolerance in Lachancea thermotolerans using a bacterial selection pressure

Nerve Zhou, Olena Ishchuk, Wolfgang Knecht et al
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. Vol. 46 (2), p. 133-145
Journal article

RNAi as a Tool to Study Virulence in the Pathogenic Yeast Candida glabrata

Olena Ishchuk, Khadija Mohamed Ahmad, Katarina Koruza et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 10
Journal article

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